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Test serve important purposes

Testing by the numbers

Testing by the numbers

Testing by the numbers

Andres Barrera, Co-editor

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The end of the year flock of test many high schools are required to assign and many students dread. I think standardized testing is good and has its benefits. Procon.org stated, “Standardized testing gives teachers guidance to help them determine what to teach students and when to teach it.” Testing also gives parents a good idea of how well their child understands a subject, especially at the elementary and middle school level. Even though I do think standardized testing is a little unfair in certain situations, I think we need to keep standardized testing. After all, testing also helps those students who maybe didn’t do too well in high school and don’t have the best GPA. They have additional testing data to show colleges they have what it takes if they have high test scores. Just look at it like another way of getting into college. Standardized testing also helps us work independently and helps students in different ways. For example, the PSAT, a test taken by all Sophomores here at Skyline, connects students to a wide variety of learning tools if they take advantage of the study guides in Khan Academy. This organization has partnered with College Board to gather students’ data on the PSAT and then sends students individualized practice and instruction tailored to their weak areas. There is also a daily study question students can download to prepare. If you’re a senior or a high school student looking to go into higher education after school, you definitely know how critical doing well on the SAT and ACT can be. While both tests are similar and hated by many of both students and teachers, they are very helpful if you don’t have the perfect GPA. Standardized testing can get you into schools that you are looking at, as well as scholarships. Now, while I think that standardized testing is good and has extremely good benefits. I do think we need to rethink the way some students take the test and whether that test is too easy for them and not helping them at all. As we start to get a glimpse of the new education admission that Betsy DeVos was selected to run we have to think to ourselves how we can improve the situation and how we can do it before DeVos makes it worst and breaks the system more than it already is because let’s face it she isn’t the best or nor is she the qualified person to run the position.

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Test serve important purposes